The Mid St.Lawrence pilots cannot leave untold the unique passion Monique and Delphis Duhamel both share.
Les duhamelSince the summer of 1964, from high above their cliff top, the Duhamel couple has been saluting the passage of ships and especially its seamen.  

Upon a vessel's approach, the couple hoists the ship's national flag, the international code flags for its call sign, as well a courtesy message. The ship's national anthem is also played over loud speakers. During this solemn moment, the country's flag is lowered to half-mast and is then slowly hoisted back up in sync with the end of the anthem.

Should you ever visit the navigation centre, you might witness this authentic, respectful and traditional ritual.
Cap Charles is a worth while visit!
We take this opportunity to thank Mr. and Mrs. Duhamel who have over time become ambassadors for the St.Lawrence.  The thoughtfulness of their gesture is greatly appreciated by all seamen and brings them a sense of pride and joy.

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