The District

Our pilotage district includes the St.Lawrence River from the western extremity of the Port of Montreal to the Port of Québec, as well as the approach to the Seaway up to the St.Lambert Lock.

We cover more than 140 nautical miles. This section of the river is shallow on most of its length, it has a dredged channel which is tortuous and narrow. The channel measures 245 m wide with a minimum depth that varies between 11.30 m from Montreal to Batiscan, and 10.70 m downriver.

The main risks encountered when navigating our district are the currents, restrained waters, the nature of the dredged channel, frequent periods of less than optimal visibility, traffic density and ice conditions during the winter season.

Pilotage missions within the District No.1 between Québec and Montreal last on average 6.5 hours. The district is divided in two, with Trois-Rivières as the midway point.

The CPSLC pilots are all licensed pilots for one of the two sections in their district and cannot pilot in any other. Thus they are specialists who perfectly master the local knowledge of their particular section.

Noteworthy, on October 23, 1998, lac St-Pierre was recognized by RAMSAR, an international convention. On June 8, 2001, UNESCO inaugurated the lac St-Pierre Biosphere Reserve. Since then, numerous efforts have been made by industries, shipowners, federal and provincial governments, scientists and nature lovers to find conciliation between economics and wildlife.



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