The Profession

Pilotage consists of ensuring the safe passage of a vessel from point A to point B. The licensed pilot is an experienced sea officer who acquired his expertise thanks to an apprenticeship that was then validated by examinations to evaluate his competence to safely pilot a vessel.

The pilot is meticulously trained for the district he serves, he has an exhaustive knowledge of its particular aspects, the force of the current, as well as the effects of transversal currents and other obstacles the vessel may encounter. pilote monte a bord Here is what a typical pilotage mission may entail. First, the pilot is assigned to a vessel by the dispatch center in Montreal. Many details are communicated to the pilot in order to prepare his mission. He will take into consideration many things such as weather conditions, vessel size, traffic density, etc. He will also be required to carefully weigh his decisions with regards to risk.

The pilot will then make his way to the embarkation station or to the quay where the ship is docked. The pilot boat is a small 20-meter craft that can travel at great speed and is used by the pilot to board ships when in transit. The vessel must slow down its speed and deploy a pilot ladder made of rope along its hull. Once the pilot boat is stabilized alongside the vessel, the pilot then climbs the ladder to board the ship. He is welcomed by the officer on duty who will lead him to the bridge where he will be greeted by the ship's captain and by the other pilot he will relieve.

This transfer operation is very risky and can sometimes be perilous especially in difficult weather conditions.

Once on board, the pilot exchanges information with the captain about the vessel's condition and equipment. Should the pilot come to the conclusion that the vessel is not seaworthy, it is his duty to report back to the Canadian Coats Guard.

The ship being in continuous movement, every minute is crucial. The information exchanged between the captain and the pilot must be done without delay. The pilot immediately takes charge of the vessel and orders the course to be followed to the helmsman. The helmsman is the person who steers the ship.


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