The St.Lawrence is without a doubt a major economic agent for Quebec, Canada and at the heart of the industrial United States.  Besides being a natural environment with priceless ecological resources, the St.Lawrence is a driving force for the recreo-touristic market, as well as a modern and efficient transportation axis which contributes to the socio-economic expansion of North America.

In the event of a shipping accident occurring, the channel would most probably be blocked due to the narrowness of the channel combined with the size of modern vessels. There is no other route. Should such an event happen, our national economy would then suffer important consequences since all maritime traffic would come to a halt.

Commercial shipping on the St.Lawrence is strictly regulated, especially in what concerns pilotage.  The CPSLC must ensure that it takes all necessary measures to ensure reliable pilotage in District no.1.

The CPSLC is also a member of the "Sodes" .  In a way, this association is a maritime board of trade that offers a dialog and action forum for all interested parties who's activities have an impact on the St.Lawrence' economy.

The Mid St.Lawrence pilots are the first-line participants who assume full responsibility in leading vessels to port in a safe and efficient manner.


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