Ship Safety

Ever since the beginning of the Colony, the evolution of commercial navigation has brought to the St.Lawrence bigger, longer and now even larger and deeper ships than ever. These ships make up an ever-increasing proportion of total traffic.

These ships occupy considerable space within the channel and require sustained attention, professional skills as well as an expert touch especially in meeting or overtaking situations in confined areas of the channel.  The difficulties encountered are extremely delicate to handle even in optimal conditions.

Inertia, big vessel dimensions, water levels, and the quantity and nature of the ship's goods are all risk factors that must be taken into consideration. In light of the maneuverability and the draught of these larger vessels, two CPSLC pilots are assigned between Québec and Montreal for transit of all vessels over 240 meters long, tankers above 40 000 tons deadweight and all vessels with a deadweight over 64 000 tons.


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