Becoming a pilot

Training to become a pilot is quite specific.

Pilotage is the highest specialty in the maritime industry.  A pilot is above all else a seafarer who has earned his living as a crewmember on board merchant ships. He worked his way up the ranks from an ordinary seaman to first officer and even captain before even considering applying to the pilotage! Thus he has a vast experience in the field.

Following this journey, the apprentice pilot will then undertake more than 300 pilotage missions under the supervision of a licensed pilot.  He will follow a two-year training program under the CPSLC's responsibility and must pass a series of rigorous examinations in front of a jury before obtaining his license.

Beyond acquiring local knowledge, the apprentice pilot will develop attitudes and aptitudes necessary to attain the required competence to pilot a ship in any condition.  Furthermore, he will make safe decisions regarding risk management in all circumstances.


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